Open Letter to FLOW

Open Letter to FLOW

In the interest of sports fans across the Caribbean, we would like to reconfirm our commitment to working with ALL cable operators to provide access to CSport and the Premier League immediately for their subscribers.

Following the public assertions regarding FLOW's decision to remove the Premier League from their broadcast platform, we must state the following facts:

1. Immediately following our acquisition of the Premier League and other broadcast rights (FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, NFL, Euro'24&'28 & Nations League):

  • We reached out to regional cable operators with the same exact terms for broadcasting the Premier League.
  • It is on similar terms, we have signed with over 30 cable operators across the Caribbean.

2. VertiCast has submitted multiple proposals to FLOW over the last couple of months to reach a solution and ensure fans have access to the Premier League.

3. Our most recent proposal (July 28th) is structured on favourable terms and includes 3 CSport channels plus the FIFA World Cup rights to FLOW for certain countries.

4. Via email, FLOW confirmed receiving the offer on July 29th but we have not received any counter proposal.

5. Without any genuine negotiation to arrive at an economic decision to provide the CSport channels and the Premier League to its subscribers, FLOW issued statements that it would remove live broadcasts of the Premier League from its cable system.

It is our mission to give football fans across the region access to the Premier League. To satisfy this and immediately provide access for FLOW's subscribers:

  • VertiCast remains willing to immediately meet with FLOW to discuss and agree on terms based on the values stated in FLOW's email of Monday, August 1st;
  • VertiCast has technically prepared and invested for FLOW to receive the CSport channels immediately upon agreement so broadcast of the Premier League can begin this weekend.

In the meantime, to ensure football fans can watch their Premier League matches, we are providing the Sport channels at with a free trial until August 31st.